About Ledbetter Industrial, LLC

Generations of Experience

Plant facility maintenance
Ledbetter Industrial, LLC is an industrial construction contractor located in Childersburg, Alabama. We specialize in repairs, modifications, and equipment installations for industrial customers including paper mills, cement and lime plants, foundries, power plants, manufacturing facilities, and more.

We are very experienced in plant shutdown and emergency work, in which time is of the essence. We are also aware that downtime is costly to your facility.

Ledbetter Industrial offers its services to you with assurance that our goal is to complete on or ahead of schedule. Your goal is for us to “get in and get out,” but with quality workmanship. Industrial Construction in AlabamaWe share that goal with you, and we work for your repeat business. We consider your calling Ledbetter Industrial for additional projects to be the reward for our efforts. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We are able to offer services which will be planned and carried out by a professional staff of employees with many years of experience in the construction industry, from management to supervision to labor.

Some of the services we offer to you are:

  • Plant shutdownRepair, replace, modify or install cement production equipment such as kilns, coolers, ball mills, crushers, conveyors, etc. and their associated equipment.
  • Install, modify or repair paper mill equipment including kilns, digesters, conveyors, debarking drums, truck unloading equipment and their associated equipment.
  • Rebuild, modify or install pollution control equipment, such as precipitators, bag houses, dust collectors, scrubbers and associated equipment, i.e. ductwork, support steel, and fans.