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Fact check: BBC News is not reporting that Gina Miller has filed papers to overturn Brexit deadline

Social media users are sharing a post claiming that BBC News is reporting that Gina Miller (the leader of a successful legal challenge over the government’s authority to leave the EU without a vote in parliament in 2017) has filed papers with the Court of Appeal to overturn the now passed Brexit deadline, in light of COVID-19. This claim is false. There are no credible reports that Miller has taken this action.

Fact check: Taylor Swift did not call for Statue of Liberty to be taken down

Posts shared on Facebook claim that Taylor Swift called for the removal of the Statue of Liberty, attributing the following quote to the singer-songwriter: “How can you have a monument to freedom that was built by slaves. Racist monuments make me sick.” This claim and quote are both fabricated. 

Fact check: Green screen added to footage of graveyard in Brazil

Users on social media are sharing two photographs of gravediggers in protective suits, one of which features a green screen studio in the background, with comments implying that people are being lied to about the death toll from COVID-19. The claim is false: the green screen has been photoshopped into the original picture, which shows the biggest graveyard in Brazil.