Hiker Stumbles Upon Injured Dog And Makes A Tough Decision

For Tia Vargas, hiking was more about recreation than survival. Her biggest challenges were usually limited to overcoming sore muscles, battling a dry mouth, or treating the odd scrape or bruise. But on a hike in July of 2018, she faced a new and completely unexpected challenge.

When this veteran hiker came across an animal in dire need of rescue, she decided she would do anything to bring the creature back to safety — even if it meant putting her own safety on the line. But Tia knew she had to take her journey one step at a time because danger lurked at every turn…

Tia Vargas is not the type of person who likes to stay cooped up indoors. The Idaho resident, pictured below on the left, is an avid runner and hiker. Every chance she gets, Tia likes to push herself up some mountain path or scenic trail.

Facebook / Tia Vargas

In July of 2018, Tia headed out with her 76-year-old father, Ted, to undertake her latest expedition. While there were two passengers in the car driving out to the park, however, there would not be two on the return trip.

Facebook / Tia Vargas

The father and daughter set out to scale Table Rock, which rose 11,106 feet above sea level. Ted’s pace was understandably slower than his daughter’s, so he told her to go ahead while he made the climb at his own pace. Tia continued alone.

Wikimedia Commons / Kencf0618

As Tia reached the summit, two other hikers passing by asked Tia if she lost her dog and pointed to a nearby English Springer Spaniel. They left the scene as Tia approached the pup. He looked pretty beat up, and wore a collar with the name “Boomer.”

Facebook / Tia Vargas

Later that afternoon, Ted spotted his daughter coming back down from the top of Table Rock. But as she came into focus, he noticed something was off about Tia’s silhouette. Did she gain weight? Had she gotten a new haircut? No, Ted realized — Tia was carrying a 55-pound dog on her shoulders.

Facebook / Tia Vargas

Laughing in disbelief, Ted asked Tia if she was going to carry the dog down the entire mountain. Tia filled her dad in on Boomer’s dire condition and suggested they take the easier trail back to their car. From there, they could quickly get the dog some medical attention and contact his owners. Things did not go as planned.

Facebook / Tia Vargas

Although this route had mild elevation changes compared to the park’s other trails, it was in poor condition. Tia and Ted encountered icy downhill patches, where they had to slide down on their butts to avoid slipping and tumbling down the mountainside.

In other places, fallen branches and debris blocked the path. Ted lacked the strength to both complete the trek and carry Boomer, so Tia had to haul the dog over all these obstacles all by herself. Halfway through, she wasn’t sure if she could make it.

David Calhoun

Nevertheless, Tia summoned the strength to go on. She explained, “I said a prayer and literally felt that somebody walked up behind me and lifted the dog off my shoulders. I felt that my ancestors or God sent me angels to help me carry that dog because it’s like the weight was gone off my neck.”

Facebook / Tia Vargas

At long last, Tia and her companions made it back to their car and found a note posted on a trail sign about a lost dog. Before they could reach out to Boomer’s potential owners, however, Tia and Boomer had to focus on recovering from such a harrowing trip.

Facebook / Tia Vargas

Tia had just completed the workout of her life. She said that her legs were “shaky and felt like Jello,” and rough terrain inflicted scratches and bruises all over her body. Of course, she was in fine shape compared to Boomer.

Judging from the dog’s limp and sluggishness, Boomer required immediate medical care. Veterinarians determined that the pooch was dealing with multiple torn ligaments and severe dehydration.

Facebook / Tia Vargas

Once doctors gave Boomer the necessary dose of medication and wrapped his injured legs up in casts, Tia took him home to oversee his recovery. Of course, she also felt obligated to find his original family. She dialed the phone number on the note from Table Rock.

Facebook / Tia Vargas

Fortunately, Tia got a hold of the Pattersons, Boomer’s owners, and right away they explained how the dog got separated. Boomer stepped in a crevice, lost his balance, and fell off the side of a cliff. He dropped 100 feet down until he hit the ground. Then Boomer tumbled down for another 200 feet!


The Pattersons desperately searched for their dog, but they couldn’t find a trace of him. All signs indicated that he was gone. For any creature — dog or human — to survive that fall, they figured it would take a true miracle.

Facebook / Tia Vargas

Tia invited the Pattersons to come to visit Boomer as the dog recovered. They were all thrilled to see the pooch relatively safe and sound, but they didn’t come just to check on his progress. The Patterson family also dropped some bombshell news on Tia.

Facebook / Boomer the miracle dog

They wanted Tia to keep Boomer. The Pattersons got Boomer as a hunting dog, but after the dog suffered torn ligaments and other long-term injuries, he wouldn’t be an effective retriever. They knew Boomer was better off as a normal family dog with Tia and her kids.

At first, Tia was hesitant about taking Boomer away from the only family he knew. But once she saw how much her kids bonded with Boomer, Tia realized that her home was the best possible place for the dog to stay.

Facebook / Tia Vargas

Once Tia shared images of the harrowing rescue online, Boomer became a media sensation. Tia and her new canine companion made the rounds on the talk show circuit to share the tale of their incredible descent and keep fans updated on Boomer’s recovery.

Facebook / Boomer the miracle dog

By the end of 2018, Boomer had his own Facebook page with thousands of fans, but his real treasure was his new family. For a dog that was dying at the top of the mountain, he couldn’t have asked for a better home than this.

Facebook / Tia Vargas

Domesticated dogs typically can’t last long without the comforts of human companionship. Yet, like Boomer, they do still possess innate animal instincts that can come in handy in when they’re in a pinch. Just take the story of Bandit…

In October of 2016, Bandit, a then-two-year-old black Labrador retriever, was brought by his owner to the local animal hospital in their hometown of Gardiner, New York. While there, however, the crafty pooch managed to escape from the facility.

Bandit’s family searched far and wide for their beloved pup; all to no avail. The woods where he’d escaped were impossibly deep, and the chances of locating him there dwindled by the day.

Bandit’s family couldn’t stand the thought of him being lost in the woods all alone. Without any previously learned survival skills, managing to live from day to day would be far from easy for the young dog…

As the months dragged on, a few pedestrians mentioned seeing a lone black dog wandering in the woods, but no one was ever able to track him down to find out if he was okay. That all changed, however, in March of 2018…

A concerned motorist spotted a dog that looked an awful lot like Bandit and managed to get close enough to see that he was still wearing his tags. Clearly, the stray needed help, whoever it was, so the person called Nicole Asher of Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery.

After receiving the call, Nicole knew she had to act fast, especially since she figured the dog was going to retreat back into the woods. “We went and set up a trap and surveillance camera in the woods immediately,” she explained of her plan.

“When I heard he was wearing a collar, I couldn’t wait to find out who he really was and where he came from. I was hopeful we could reunite him with his family,” Nicole added. Would she be able to find Bandit?

With the help of her DIY surveillance system, Nicole managed to track the pup for the next few days. She even brought a variety of toys, bones, and food for him to eat. Still, he didn’t fall for her trap…

Growing frustrated with the lack of success in capturing the dog, Nicole decided to place a fenced enclosure in the woods, put treats in it, and wait for him to waltz inside. Would her crazy plan actually work?

At first, the dog seemed a bit put off by the appearance of the new trap. “He was very skittish, so everything new we’d introduce to his area would spook him,” Nicole remembered. Thankfully, that was about to change.

After about five days, the stray finally seemed to be comfortable with the enclosure. Slowly but surely, he began inching his way through the doorway, though never fully entering…

“Watching his antics on video were a constant source of amusement,” Nicole recalled. “He would chase the critters away from his enclosure, play with toys that we left for him and do his little playful dance in front of the enclosure.”

Whenever any other wild animals showed an interest in his food, the pup was quick to scare them off. “He’d stand there barking with his chest puffed out and tail high. He was always so proud that he chased them off. You could tell he was such a character,” Nicole said.

As March was drawing to a close, Nicole began to fear that the dog would never enter the enclosure completely. Then, just when hope was nearly lost, he decided to walk right inside. Her plan had worked!

At that, Nicole rushed into the woods as quickly as possible. She was incredibly anxious to meet him in person for the first time. When she arrived, she took one look at his collar and called his owner to let them know she’d found him. Lo and behold, it was Bandit!

Unfortunately, Bandit’s family claimed they were no longer able to care for him. “Their lifestyle had changed and they just couldn’t take him,” Nicole mentioned. “They surrendered him to us right away. Apparently, this wasn’t the first time he’d ran away for a long period of time, either.”

Bandit was taken in by a partner of Nicole’s rescue called Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland, New Jersey. Aside from a tick-borne illness, the veterinarian there was shocked to find that he didn’t appear to be underweight or malnourished at all.

In fact, he was a totally healthy weight, something they attributed to him choosing to live in a section of the woods where hunters often left scraps of meat. Still, everything wasn’t perfect, as Bandit remained very skittish.

Despite his being uncomfortable around humans, the veterinarians still had high hopes that Bandit would start to warm up to them, especially since Nicole mentioned how playful he’d been in the woods.

“You can tell that he is a silly, lovable boy on the inside,” Nicole explained. “I think he’s given a ton of people hope who have lost dogs out there. They’re very resilient and smarter than we give them credit for.” Hope is a necessity when it comes to saving animals.

Buenos Aires is home to nearly 3 million people, but they’re not the only inhabitants. Countless stray dogs roam the city but prefer to stick to side streets and back alleyways. There, they live off of whatever they can get their paws on.

Latin Times

One dog nicknamed Way only ever knew the stray lifestyle. It was a struggle to survive and most people tended to ignore her, but one winter night she suddenly attracted an unusual amount of attention.

An Argentine woman named Alejandria Griffin walked home through the brisk wind. She couldn’t wait to get inside and warm up. However, something strange made her stop in her tracks.


As she passed by a dingy alley, Alejandria heard an unusual whimpering sound. The lifelong Buenos Aires resident was accustomed to the sounds of stray dogs, but this noise seemed different.

Praying she wasn’t wandering into a bad situation, Alejandria crept down the alley. The whimpering grew louder and louder. She stopped at a cloth bundle on the ground and gasped when she peeled back the first layer.

Much to her surprise, Alejandria came face-to-face with a newborn baby surrounded by puppies! It was an unbelievable sight. As she wondered how this could’ve happened, Way poked her head out from behind a dumpster.

ABC News

Alejandria called the authorities, who immediately whisked the infant off to a hospital. Fortunately, he appeared to be in decent condition. They tried to piece together where the baby came from, and how he ended up in a den of stray dogs.

El Diario de Buenos Aires

Police searched the alley for clues, which turned out to be scant. The only explanation was that a negligent mother left the newborn out in the streets. He likely would have perished in the elements, if not for the intervention of one hero.

Way, coming across the baby, felt her maternal instincts kick in. She picked up the baby and surrounded him with her own puppies, keeping them all warm through the night.

Following tips from people in the neighborhood, police tracked down and arrested the mother who abandoned her child. Though Way herself was a life-long victim of neglect, her compassion and motherly instincts never wavered. Without her heroics, the baby would have almost certainly come to a tragic end.

For dogs that are fortunate enough to belong to loving family, they are usually regarded with much affection, table-side scraps, and lots and lots of pets. But when was the last time we really considered a dog’s capacity to truly affect us — or even their capacity to save us?

Lovelane Designs

Australian native Catherine Svilicic was an avid dog lover and a believer in their goodness. Yet following the birth of her adorable daughter Charlotte, many of her friends and relatives were shocked by her decision to introduce a not-so-child-friendly animal into the family shortly after…

Khan, a Doberman, was nearly quadruple the size of the young child, a fact the neighbors made sure to frequently remind her of. But Catherine told herself that Khan would make a perfect family dog — though, for one instant, she came to regret that thought.

One afternoon, Catherine was doing chores in the house when she heard Khan go berserk. She’d never heard him make that kind of sound before. The panicked mother dropped everything and sprinted outside.

Shaking, Catherine saw that Khan had knocked her daughter to the ground. Charlotte wept and trembled in fear. Catherine’s first thought was that she’d have to send the Doberman away, but then she noticed something that sent shivers down her spine.


Catherine couldn’t take her eyes off the mulga snake slithering out of their yard. It must have been stalking Charlotte until Khan chased it away! She embraced Khan for his heroics, though her hand came away covered in blood.

In defending Charlotte, the dog had been the victim of a snakebite. Catherine tossed him in the car and sped to the vet, with every second more precious than the last. Even if he survived, Khan could be paralyzed for life.


Once the vet administered an antidote, Catherine could only hope they weren’t too late. They sent her home with instructions to return the next morning. There was no guarantee Khan would still be there when she returned.

After a sleepless night, Catherine and Charlotte returned to the vet’s office to hear some very good news. Khan pulled through! “If Khan wants a gold bowl, Khan gets it,” gushed Catherine. “We owe him for the rest of his life.”

Khan continued to stick by Charlotte’s side as she grew older. Fortunately, neither of them ran into any more life-or-death situations. That makes sense, since any mulga snakes in the area learned to keep their distance.

Looking back on that brush with danger, Catherine realized that adding Khan to the family was one of the best decisions she ever made. Of course, you never know quite what you’ll get when adopting a pet.

Without having raised the animal, it’s hard to tell how well they’ll transition into your home. But Jenna Brousseau and her husband, Eric, didn’t let this bother them when they decided to welcome Duke into their growing family.

After being passed around from animal shelter to animal shelter, Duke was brought home in 2006. Right away, the Brousseaus lauded him not only for his obedience, but also how well he got along with the couple’s young son and newborn daughter!

On a recent night, however, Jenna noticed Duke was acting strangely. Suddenly, he jumped up onto the bed and started shaking uncontrollably. Given that this was a far cry from his typical behavior, the couple sensed something was seriously wrong…

baby-1Good Morning America / Youtube

At first, Jenna and Eric wrote off Duke’s behavior as nothing serious. They even tried to push him off their bed so they could get back to sleep. But he was persistent, and every time, he’d jump back up and start shivering.

“He started shaking, as if there was a storm coming,” Jenna recalled of the frightening incident that took place in the middle of the night. Clearly, something was the matter, and they needed to know what—fast!

Good Morning America / Youtube

After a few moments, the couple began to realize that their dog was trying to tell them something—and they instinctively thought of their baby daughter, Harper. Had their dog really been so perceptive that he could sense something was wrong with their child?

At that, Jenna and her husband rushed to their nine-week-old daughter’s bedroom to see if something was the matter. There she was, lying in her crib, but something was clearly not right.

What they discovered terrified them: Harper had stopped breathing and was lying motionless in her crib—and clearly, Duke was trying to tell them about it! They had no time to feel relieved, however; this was a life or death situation.

Jenna lifted her daughter and started to pat her on the back, hoping she’d start to breathe again. Meanwhile, Eric hurriedly dialed 911 to call emergency responders to their home as soon as possible.

With their newborn daughter’s life at stake, Jenna and Eric were willing to go to any length to rescue her. They continued to try and pat Harper’s back, hoping and praying that something would cause her to start breathing.

With each excruciating moment, the family grew more and more horrified. Had they found poor Harper in time to save her life, or would they be too late? It was a scenario no parent would want to be in…

A few moments later, and much to the relief of Jenna and Eric, Harper began to breathe! There had clearly been something lodged in her throat, but there was nothing in her crib to suggest she’d eaten anything.

That was when Jenna and Eric realized that Harper must have suffered from acid reflux. They could only assume that something had upset her stomach while she slept, and she’d began to choke, which stopped her breathing. Luckily, Duke was around!

The parents were forever indebted to their beloved rescue dog. “We rescued him and he reciprocated and rescued our daughter,” Jenna said of the alert pooch. “Duke without a doubt is a hero to us, he is our family’s hero.”

dog-3Good Morning America / Youtube

Duke’s story was incredible in its own right. Just before the Brousseau family adopted him, poor Duke had been passed around from shelter to shelter. In fact, had they not taken him in, he probably would’ve been euthanized.

“We could never justify spending money on an animal when there are so many animals that need rescuing,” Jenna said during an interview. “We’ve always felt from the beginning that [Duke] was appreciative of us rescuing him.”

“He’s the perfect dog,” Jenna said. “He was meant to be ours. I tell him all the time, ‘you were born in Mommy’s heart.'” She hoped that Duke’s story would encourage more people to adopt a pet of their own.

If Jenna and Eric hadn’t decided to adopt Duke, there’s really no saying what could have happened. One thing was clear, though: they know that choosing to bring him home was likely one of the best decisions they’d ever made.

There was no specific reason as to what caused Duke to notice Harper had stopped breathing. Whether it was a sixth sense or animal instinct, they couldn’t be sure. But what he did certainly proved that, no matter what, he was a hero!

Animal intuition is one of the strongest forces on Earth. Not only are animals incredibly in-tune, but their natural instincts allow them to make quick decisions in pressing situations. While this intuition may seem trivial at times, it’s during dangerous situations that this trait proves to be the most useful.

When Nana Chaichanhda of Stockton, California brought a baby pit bull named Sasha into her home, she initially had reservations. With her seven-month-old daughter Masailah, Nana was nervous about how the dog would behave around her baby girl.

aree rodriguez / Flickr

But Nana was convinced that, with the proper training, Sasha would grow to be the perfect playmate for Masailah. As it turns out, Nana’s intuition was completely right. The two became fast friends and were more or less inseparable.

With each passing day, the bond between Sasha and Masailah grew until the two became inseparable. In fact, Sasha was so protective of Masailah that the dog wouldn’t even let her take a bubble bath alone!

Now that Sasha had officially become part of the family, it wasn’t uncommon to find her snuggled up in bed alongside Nana and Masailah. But one fateful night, Nana decided to do things differently…

Kare 11

On June 6, 2018, Nana decided to let Sasha sleep outside in the backyard. Being that it was a warm summer’s night, Nana figured that the dog would enjoy getting out of the stuffy apartment and into the fresh air.

Soon after putting Sasha outside, Nana took Masailah to their bedroom and the pair was asleep within minutes. But it wasn’t long before Nana was stirred awake by an unexpected sound: a dog barking.

Erika B. / Flickr

At first, Nana wrote off the barking as that of a neighbor’s dog. After all, Sasha had never been one to bark, especially as loud as the dog outside.

But as the frantic barking continued, Nana knew that something was wrong. She hurried downstairs and threw open the back door, where her fears were confirmed.

Even when she was back inside the house, Sasha still wouldn’t calm down. It was like she was desperate to get Nana’s attention at all costs! When that didn’t work, Sasha tried another tactic…

Suddenly, the dog made a mad dash for the upstairs bedroom where Masailah was still sleeping. But before Nana could chase after her, the sight of something outside stopped her in her tracks.

To Nana’s horror, large flames were spewing out of the apartment complex next door. Worse yet, the blaze was quickly spreading toward her own unit!

Before she could even think, the fire had now reached her apartment complex and was growing rapidly. With only moments to spare, Nana rushed upstairs to save Sasha and Masailah.

When she reached the bedroom, Nana was stunned at what she found. Not only was Sasha completely calm in the face of such great danger, but she was trying to save Masailah as well!

Fox 35

Gripping the infant by her diaper, Sasha had managed to pull Masailah out of her crib and was carefully trying to drag her out of the room. Nana grabbed Sasha and the baby and dashed out of the apartment.


As soon as Nana and her family had safely left the building, she called 911. The fire department arrived within minutes, and after rescuing the remaining tenants in the apartment complex, they began fighting the massive fire.


It took several hours for firefighters to completely extinguish the blaze, but when the smoke finally cleared, the tenants were relieved to find that many of the units hadn’t suffered severe damage. However, the same couldn’t be said for Nana.

Fox 35

Because Nana’s apartment had been so close to the initial fire, her entire unit, and everything in it, was destroyed. With their home and their possessions lost, Nana and her family were forced to move in with her aunt. But that’s not all…

The Orange County Register

Nana’s aunt’s apartment building didn’t allow pets, so Sasha had to be separated from Masailah and kept with another family member. Even though Nana brings Masailah to visit often, it’s clear that Sasha really misses her best friend.

NTD Television

Since the fire, a GoFundMe campaign was started in order to help Nana and her family rebuild their lives. They’re still trying to pick up the pieces of what they once had, but Nana knows that without Sasha, she and Masailah wouldn’t be here today.

Mix98.1 Richmond

“Without her, we probably would’ve never made it out,” Nana said of her heroic dog. “I owe Sasha my life… she saved us all. She is our hero.”

Fox 40

Not every dog is like Sasha, and the DeLuca family learned this in a recent scare of their own. While the kids were playing in the pool, their newly adopted German Sheppard aggressively lunged at one of the little girls.

Donya DeLuca

After Adam and Donya DeLuca took in a two-year-old German shepherd named Haus from a shelter in Tampa, Florida, they quickly realized that he was a very special dog…

Donya DeLuca

As Donya told Today, “He just bonded with all of us so quickly, it was like he was always part of our home.” Even the neighbors loved Haus. In all respects, he was the perfect family dog.

Donya DeLuca

One day, seven-year-old Molly was gathering toys in the backyard with Haus by her side. Her grandmother watched from the doorway of the screened-in pool. That’s when she saw Haus act in a way that would forever change the family’s perception of him.

Haus was acting suspiciously, and it was terrifying. “He kept jumping back and then forward,” Donya demonstrated for WFLA. “And he did it three times.” Of course, Donya’s mother, watching from a distance, feared the worst. A young German shepherd, new to the family, moving aggressively around a little girl? That was a recipe for disaster.


The grandmother’s story, as relayed by Donya to various news outlets, was that she “didn’t even realize what he [Haus] was staring at—but then all of a sudden there was all of this blood” covering the dog. In a panic, the grandmother called Donya, who could hear Molly crying in the background. What happened? Did Haus viciously attack Molly?

Donya DeLuca

The truth, however, was quite surprising. As they picked up toys on the far side of the yard, Molly and Haus had come face-to-face with a deadly Eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Coiled and angry, it struck at Molly—only to have Haus jump in the way instead. Tragically, his act of bravery came with an astronomical cost…

ltshears / Wikimedia

“He [had] instantly positioned himself between the snake and Molly,” Donya said. He could have run, but Haus’s protective instincts had him stand his ground, which allowed Molly to retreat to safety. With every bite, Haus suffered more and more. Afterwards, he was a mess.


After the attack, the poor pup could barely walk. He limped, drooled, and his head hung down, unable to move. He struggled to breathe and his leg hemorrhaged blood. If a 68-pound German shepherd suffered in that way, can you imagine what those bites would have done to little Molly?

Donya LaDuca via ABC News

Donya rushed home and immediately loaded Haus into the family car and sped to a veterinarian emergency care facility. With snake venom in his system, the brave pooch didn’t have much time…

Donya LaDuca va ABC

“What [a rattlesnake bite] can do is a lot of bad things,” veterinarian Danielle Pollio said. “It can cause problems with clotting, so they can bleed into the wound uncontrollably.” The Eastern Diamondback is the most venomous snake in all North America, and dogs who are bitten once have a mortality rate as high as 30 percentHaus had been bitten three times.


Within minutes of the attack, Haus’s symptoms had already accelerated exponentially. When he reached the medical facilities, doctors gave him nine vials of antivenin. But they weren’t as effective as they needed to be to save the pooch’s life…

ABC News

Instead of injecting Haus with individual vials, doctors set him up with an IV drip of antivenin and administered painkillers. He received antivenin four times every day for four straight days. A typical treatment might only see one to two doses. Making matters worse, saving Haus was creating another problem that the DeLuca family couldn’t ignore…

ABC News

If Haus was going to live, he would need some major intensive care—and that lead to astronomical medical bills that the DeLucas simply couldn’t afford. How could they pay to keep their beloved dog—and their daughter’s hero—alive?

ABC News

That’s when a woman named Cherissa Vandergriff, whose relation to the DeLucas was unclear, stepped in. She set up a GoFundMe page for the family as a way to crowdfund all of the necessary medical payments for Haus’s care. In the plea for assistance, Cherissa wrote, “The vet treatment has been extremely expensive…”

Cherissa continued: “He’s been given multiple vials of anti-venom. The vet bills are already at $10,000 and the treatment is not finished. His vitals are strong, his organs are functioning, and if they can afford enough anti-venom, he will recover with no ill-effects.” Would this be enough to save Haus?

ABC News

Soon, donations were rolling in! In a matter of days, the family raised $51,329, far exceeding their $28,000 goal, and they had to actually shut down people’s ability to donate! Haus’s story had inspired nearly 2,000 people to contribute money!

ABC News

Despite the pup’s severe wounds, doctors expected him to make a full recovery, which shocked Donya. “It’s semi-miraculous, his condition,” she said. “What keeps me going is how he still flicks his tail every time he sees me come into his kennel, even though I know he’s hurting.” That’s a dog who loved his family!

ABC News

In the end, Haus received some great news. “We hope that Haus will get to go home today,” said his veterinarian, Jennifer Holm, on the May 18, 2016, episode of Good Morning America. “We are doing a couple more checks on him early this afternoon, and fingers crossed, we hope that he will get to go home either today or tomorrow.”

ABC News

When the LaDuca family adopted Haus, they likely expected they’d be gaining a best friend for the family. What they didn’t realize was that they’d be gaining a best friend who would save their children’s lives. Haus was a hero with four paws!

Donya LaDuca / ABC

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