Kiln & Cooler Service

An area in which Ledbetter industrial has extensive expertise and a vast amount of experience is in the installation, modification and repair of kilns and associated equipment.

Ledbetter has the capability to complete most any need you may have in maintaining your kiln’s top performance. We invite your inquiries in the following areas:

• Shell crack repairs and section replacement
• Trunnion repair or replacement
• Bearing repair or replacement
• Tire replacement
• Gear and pinion installation
• Seal installation
• Dryer repair or installation
• Feed hood repairs and alignment
• Cooler repairs or installation
• Other miscellaneous repairs, modifications or installation

Like any other type work Ledbetter undertakes, our goal is the satisfaction of you, our customer. We will deliver your project on time, with quality workmanship and at competitive costs. We look forward to your inquiries.