Materials Handling and Maintenance

Ledbetter Industrial is well equipped to perform installation, maintenance and repair of material handling systems. Ledbetter has experience in every type of conveying system common to industrial facilities. Whether it is a belt, bucket, drag or screw conveyor we are experienced in the installation from ground level to two hundred plus feet above ground. From the port to the boiler, truck dump to the bin or ash hopper to the storage silo, we have the knowledge to provide you with safe, reliable, efficient and professional service to erect, maintain and repair your conveying system.

Ledbetter Industrial would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a maintenance plan for your conveying system, with a detailed checklist of repairs necessary to keep your equipment running efficiently.

Please consider Ledbetter Industrial for your material handling needs. You can rely on us to deliver a safe, reliable and professional repair or installation in a timely manner.