Industrial Plant Maintenance Services

Ledbetter Industrial has performed industrial plant maintenance services in several different states and industries.  Most industrial plants work around the clock,  seven days per week.  The continual work schedule exposes the production equipment and operating facilities to extreme wear and tear.  It is a necessity to provide regular attention to proper maintenance requirements.  As a rule, the plants have their own maintenance department, but quite regularly need assistance for projects beyond their capabilities, i.e. heavy welding, expert rigging, relocation of machinery, modification or repair to equipment/machinery/ facilities, etc. Additionally, they may not have enough maintenance personnel to meet their immediate needs.

Production equipment is the heart of industrial plants. In order to deliver the plants product to their customer on a timely basis, It is absolutely necessary to maintain this equipment in good operating condition. Therefore, quality labor and supervision is a must.

Ledbetter Industrial can furnish the quality supervision, labor, tools, equipment and expertise required to achieve a successful maintenance project.  Ledbetter Industrial can furnish this service on an around the clock or regular work week basis.
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