Electrostatic Precipitator Installation & Repair Services

Ledbetter Industrial’s combination of experience, field personnel and a proven track record gives us the capability of successfully completing the most demanding electrostatic precipitator installation, modification or repair. We know the critical nature of alignment, gas flow, schedules and specialized rigging required to service your ESP. Ledbetter has full time supervisors and experienced field crews to meet your needs throughout the United States.

Outages are critical to any plant or facility. Having a great deal of experience in outage work puts Ledbetter in a position to assist clients in proper planning and inspection of their ESP’s. This leads to more efficient, lower emission units with reduced operating and maintenance costs.Ledbetter Industrial services the power, paper, cement, steel and any other industries with ESP needs. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Ledbetter will work hard to achieve that goal through:

  • Good pre-job planning.
  • Good communication with management to field, management to owner/client and field to owner/client.
  • Proper tools and equipment.
  • Good supervision and labor.
  • Daily evaluation of progress and schedules.
  • Maintaining a good safety and quality control program.